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4-5 December 2021
Online event
Organized by
Department of Design, IIT Delhi

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What it is?

ComIN stands for ​Comics in India​. As the name suggests, the discussions under this will be largely surrounded by primarily two themes: Comics+India. The need for such a space has been felt for a long time. A space that provides the scope of dialogues to researchers, practitioners, publishers, and fans of the medium. ComIN tries to bring that space to a diverse audience.


This year the theme of ComIN is Asian voices in Pandemic. It has been more than a year of living with the COVID crisis. The word ‘pandemic’ is now etched inside our generations forever. The crisis has affected almost all aspects of human lives. Like all necessities of life, education is affected severely as the teaching-learning experience shifts to online modes. Comics scholarship such as graphic medicines, trauma comics, survival comics, memoirs of covid and similar themes of discourse proposes contemporary subjects to be discussed and understood. This year, ComIN focuses on bringing the discussion from the Asian context about the status of comics scholarship during the time of COVID crisis.

While ComIN stands true to its intent of bringing global Indian comics scholarship to the forefront, however, in these demanding times, it also seeks the voices of the Asian comics scholars who share similar geographies, cultural context, and socio-political crisis amongst the pandemic.

The conference seeks to bring the diverse voices from across Asia on the following (but not limited to) aspects:

–      What are the significant effects of pandemic on comics scholarship?

–      How comics are situated during/post-pandemic in industry/academia?

–      How does cross-cultural comics scholarship develop across Asia?

–      What are the implications of the pandemic on comics practice?

–      How does the socio-political context manifest through pandemic comics?

–      How does the shared cultural context affect comics studies across Asia?

–      How are the Asian voices of comics practitioners manifesting during the pandemic?

Organizing Committee

Subir Dey, DoD IIT Delhi

Conference Chair



Priyanka Tripathi, HSS, IIT Patna

Pinaki De, Raja Peary Mohan College, Calcutta

Srinivasan Venkataraman, DoD, IIT Delhi

Arnav Tripathy, DoD, IIT Delhi

Student Team

Archana Doimari

Manash Gogoi

Pankaj Sarkar

Sutirtha Gangopadhyay


Department of Design Faculty

P.V. Madhusudhan Rao

Aneesha Sharma

Jyoti Kumar

Sumer Singh

Jay Dhariwal

Sabyasachi Paldas

Charu Monga

Gourab Kar

Pramod Khadilkar

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